Our Story

X+, a UK startup with offices in London (UK) and Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was born in November 2019. The idea of bringing people the opportunity to explore the world in a 5-senses dimension was designed by Fabrizio Gramuglio (CEO), and it’s based on his live experience with relatives on wheelchair and following problems of traveling.

Being enthusiastic about possibilities, Fabrizio engaged skilled developers, managers, AI experts to explore the Internet of Senses and create a solution applicable in different fields. 

Our Massive Transformative Purpose is:

Enabling people to experience unlimited realities

Our Project

The project’s MTP is realized in being the first Internet of Senses enabler for real-time, interactive, immersive, and on-demand experiences. To deliver that, X+ created a new framework to enable the Media and Broadcasting Industries to stream not only audio and video but indeed any stimuli available, from taste to smell, from touch to temperature. This amazing additions give both to users and providers a unique possibility to create and live stimuli-enhanced experience as the real one.

This is important not only for entertainment industries like cinema or gaming, but it also unleashes the potential of Internet of Senses for BCI and stimuli-providing services. Their application can help people with different types of disabilities feel things, travel and explore the world.

Meet our Founders

Fabrizio Gramuglio


Giorgio Manfredi

AI & Tech

Valeria Zacchei