The future of entertainment is here

With X+, Dreamer  who wants to live a particular tailor-made experience is connected to a Doer  who creates the on-demand requested reality.

X+ reimagines the future of entertainment enabling people to experience unlimited realities, limitless stimuli, and borderless emotions. X+ allows users to direct personalized digital content to fulfill their own dreams.


X+ connects in real time users in need to design and direct their own experiences (Dreamers) and users who want to monetize their skills by delivering experiences (Doers).


The platform collects and delivers multiple stimuli : smell, touch, taste, audio and video.


X+ is hardware agnostic, multi-channel, and streams in ​real time.

Are you a Dreamer ...

Imagine being able to travel and see, smell, hear and touch, savor, and feel emotions on the edge by living your dreams anywhere in the world, comfortably sitting on your sofa. If you like the idea, then you are a Dreamer!

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... or a Doer?

Have you ever imagined making money by living and sharing your passions and skills with a community of people like you? If you are excited right now, then you are a Doer!

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App sneak preview

X+ will be available soon on Apple Store and Google Play and will have a user-friendly flow so that everyone can enjoy it either on smartphones and, in the future, on tablet, laptop, VR headset, smart TV and more.

It's more than entertainment

X+ can improve people's lives in many ways, not just in entertainment. You can immerse yourself in different cultures, visit historical places, take a walk in a distant city to enjoy its architecture, learn things directly from the sources of knowledge, and discover many other fascinating gems for you.
The only limit is your imagination.

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Designed for inclusion

X+ is a platform designed for inclusion. Many people in the world have special needs and simply cannot experience some activities. For example, a dreamer who cannot move will be able to use all his senses to participate in such experience as running along the Rhein or swimming in the Caribbean Sea, and many others.