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About us

Meet X+

Our Massive Transformative Purpose is to enable people to experience unlimited realities.

We are a diverse team with HQ in Europe composed of multiple professionals and advisors, serial entrepreneurs with more than twenty years’ experience in exponential technologies, business, finance, and marketing.

The Story behind X+

The idea behind X+ is not new. All the founders share a passion for technology and innovation, and they went through personal situations where their lives were limited. The greatest trigger to accelerate it may have been the COVID-19 lockdown, which impacted and limited so many people´s lives. The team said “Why don´t we have X+ live? Our friends and family are asking for it. We know so many people would be impacted in a positive way”. That´s when we decided to push it forward.

Meet our team

Fabrizio Gramuglio


Optimistic Realist & Futurist, Edge Innovator, Passionate Speaker.

Pedro Ferreira


Startup Enthusiast, Community Builder, Networker, Event Organizer 

Giorgio Manfredi


Inventor, innovator, AI expert, and serial entrepreneur in the IT field

Valeria Zacchei


Expert in problem-solving with focus on number and project development.

Partnerships and Awards

At X+ we believe Passions and Dreams can change the world

Our motivation to start Xperience plus is to impact billions of people in a positive way,  working on a sustainable framework to support global challenges of economic growth and fight poverty by enabling the economy of passions.

It's time to move from Gig to Passion Economy

Where the Gig Economy is about commoditized services, the Passion Economy covers creative products and services, offered by highly-skilled people that can become high earners by building lasting audiences.