Dreams - Xperience Plus


What is a dream?

For X+ a dream is an experience that starts with a Dreamer.

The Dreamer describes it to X+ and we will match you with a Doer. The Doer will stream the experience to the Dreamer including the 5 senses. The Dreamer is able to guide him/her and to interact in real time.

There are no limits anymore:
be wherever, and whatever you want​

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Models of Experiences

You can choose between three different models to enjoy experiences: from private, one-to-one, unique and immersive, to public and pool which are cost-effective shared moments.


These are private experiences designed with one's own dreams and expectations. Dreamer has the honour to direct them in real time.


These are experiences created by other users and stored in the Memories, so everyone can taste them.


These are experiences created for a group of people that makes them affordable for every participant.