Xperience Plus

for purpose

The Xperience Plus project is designed as an inclusive space to suit needs of different categories of the modern society. To make it clear, we created Innovation for Purpose SDG section to follow Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and align them with our social mission. Join our Innovation for Purpose SDG social mission.

Innovation for purpose SDG 2 Zero Hunger
Zero hunger

Sometimes we think that our actions in digital world don’t have any impact in the real one. We would like to overcome this thought by creating a bridge between digital experience and real world.   

X+ participates in World Food Programme by United Nations ”Share The Meal” giving our customers an opportunity to benefit communities in law-developed countries and fight hunger worldwide.

Gender equality

X+ welcomes women of all ages (starting from 16) to show their skills in content making for the platform. Want to share sights of your city or country or transmit your emotions to the Community? Go for it! 

As an important note, X+ doesn’t allow use of female body images for mercenary purposes. We are not an “adult format” and don’t approve any actions that violate privacy, show cruelty against women or support harlotry. 

Innovation for purpose SDG 5: Gender Equality
Innovation for purpose SDG 8: Decent work
DECENT WORK and economic growth

X+ as the marketplace provides our customers with a chance to monetize their work based on their skills. 

Even if the income could not be so high, for some places in the world with low economics it would possibly give an opportunity to earn and have a decent work. During the COVID pandemic the decrease of salaries, working hours and even job loss was shown clearly, and such a monetization is seen as stimulating and hopeful. 

X+ is ready for further implementation of other SDGs to its mission. We believe every single step can make the world better.

Climate action

X+ as a provider of 5-senses experiences can help to fight with carbon emissions in touristic sector. 

Thanks to technologies and the Internet of Senses capabilities, X+ pushes forward implementing of stimuli and embodiment, the possibility to be “inside” the other body feeling and seeing things which feels and sees the body’s owner. 

Using X+ permits its users to be whenever and wherever they want in every moment basically from their sofa without taking any kind of transport that will reduce the carbon footprint. 

SDG 13: Climate action
SDG 17: Partnerships for the goal
Partnerships for the goals

X+ finds its usage in such industries of entertainment as traveling, museum and sightseeing, and sports. We are open to partnership in terms of Internet of Senses Forum that will disrupt the way of entertainment and enhance people’s experience in leisure. 

Moreover, as X+ is designed for inclusion, it could be used in hospitals and hospices to entertain patients who can’ leave the structure due to diseases. X+ also envisions partnership with researchers and institutes to study BCI and its effects in providing stimuli.