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Open ecosystem for unlimited experiences

We are on our way to build an open Internet of Senses Forum ecosystem (ISF). Our purpose is to connect multiple stakeholders that share the same view and passion of making experiences fully immersive. Our goal is to disrupt the way how citizens consume digital, live, and AR-VR-XR content, moving from the image and audio-only media to full stimuli, including smell, taste, touch, humidity, temperature and more.

Advantages of the Internet of Senses Forum ecosystem

The ISF goal is to promote the Internet of Senses through various activities, such as: events, webinars, articles, communities, showcases and media coverage. Furthermore, we are offering our stakeholders the opportunity to generate additional business synergies and opportunities extending the usage of senses in multiple applications:

Xperience Plus Stakeholders

With the ISF’s success, there will be multiple synergies and opportunities for all stakeholders, in terms of available content, new customer acquisition (sales), and for sure will be an innovative journey for everyone. We are looking for content and application creators, hardware producers (both stimuli collectors and transmitters), advertising & media companies, doers & dreamers, existing communities and influencers, VR facilities and more. 

Our innovative offer

Xperience Plus as one of the stakeholders of the ecosystem, will be delivering a unique framework that offers all the other players the opportunity to use the 5 senses in diverse business cases. Our purpose is to support various markets in creating engaging contents for their audiences: from museums to sports, from travels to media and broadcast, from music to unlimited realities.


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