Mom, I want to be a blogger!

Xperience Plus: Mom, I want to be a blogger!
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Mom, I want to be a blogger!

4September 2020, 5 mins read – Aleksandra Sadovnikova

Since Social Networks have stepped in our life, every user became a blogger in a one way or another. Millions of makeup tutorials, travel photos, recipes, workouts and many other things are available for millions of people. However, there is a very special category of bloggers – children and teenagers. Is their presence in the Internet a good idea and a possible start of career or just another useless content which can even be dangerous?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A blog is defined as a regular record of our thoughts, opinions, or experiences that we put on the internet for other people to read. We had a nice evening with friends, or we found a funny video? If we wrote a post about it, we put a record of our life online, and it can be seen by all the world or just a selected group of your followers.

Blogs and video blogs (vlogs) became popular in last decade among different brands, artists, models, and diverse industries that use blogs for marketing purpose. As it was taken by a role model, people (especially females) have started their own blogs creating uncountable content of photos and videos.

Just think about it: there are over 600 million blogs in the world today! Basically, it means nearly this number of people put and still putting their life experience online right now.

Children online – a blessing and a curse

As reported by J. Clement, in July 2020 there were nearly 4.5 billion active  Internet users:

The most active users are teenagers and young adults. Of course, there are also presented children of elementary school age. Many of them are registered in Social Networks.

The question about children’s present online and their security is always sharp. Watching YouTube, chatting, download movies and music, posting pictures and blogging – that is usual activity of our kids.

It’s also obvious that our world is not made from unicorns and candy floss, so there are pros & cons of Internet use by under-aged people:

  • Haters gona hate – the problem of hate and cyber-bullying is one of the most dangerous in Internet. Children should be prepared for this and be advised and even supervised by their parents or responsible relatives to prevent negative impact on psyche.
  • Openness to strangers – it’s important to teach our children to behave correctly in the Internet where the presence of someone can be anonymous and harmful.
  • Personal data access – another important point of Internet safety that have to be taught to kids and teenagers, not to reveal personal data to anyone and not to insert it on suspicious sites.

However, the positive impact of Internet can be possibly high:

  • Children can find a lot of useful educational information about different topics. You can see lots of books, manuals, students’ books, scientific researches online that are useful when you’re still studying.
  • They can find friends of interest all around the globe and not to feel lonely. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with people online than in a real life, especially when kids are too shy or are not able to leave home due to health problems.
  • They can share their point of views, hobbies, participate in diverse contests which is important to personal growing and self-esteem.

Young bloggers – our future?

You may be surprised that many children and teenagers have different sides of personality, and they are curious and creative. Blogging can be a good activity to present and share children’s interests with the world audience.

There are many blogs in the Web that are represented by a teenager (usually the minimum age on the most platforms is 13 years) or by a family team (parents and children). Their fields of interests are diverse: some are travel and food bloggers, others review literature, or sometimes parents create a portfolio-profile for their kids hoping to put them into fashion industry.

Take a look at most famous blogs regarding children blogging:

  • Kids National Geografic – provides kids opinion on different events o problems.
  • Sport Illustrated Kids – children write about sport topics.
  • Alex Know It All – this blog was started by 7-years-old girl who wanted to explain her life from her age’s point of view. An impressive work for a little girl, isn’t it?
  • Naturalist Dara – blog about nature led by a boy with Asperger’s syndrome.

These examples are just a little drop of interesting and creative stories children has created. There are a lot of them, these real pearls, that should be explored. Every kid as a person has his or her own opinion, point of view, and it’s always amazing to explore their thoughts.

X+ and Community believe that youngsters should be encouraged in their ideas and beginnings, as such support may be especially important for their personal development and growing. Of course, it doesn’t mean that being a blogger can be a future job, but it can be a source of inspiration mixed with knowledge and skills.

Thus, we think that usage of X+ app and contribution to its community may be a positive experience for youngsters to show and share their dreams and skills, get feedback on improvement and grow their curiosity in life. Doer or Dreamer, whatever role choose a young adult, she or he will be always welcomed to perform her or his vision in the most creative way.

We care about safe environment for everyone, so X+ doesn’t exchange personal data and the cyberbullying is severely controlled. We always ask our users to report any type of misbehavior to protect Dreamers and Doers from harmful consequences. In this way, together we can grow into secure place full of inspiration and new vision.

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