Partnership with Mainstage Incubator Launchpad

Partnership with Mainstage Incubator
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Mainstage Incubator and X+ join forces

22 July 2020, 2 mins read – Pedro Ferreira

From July 2020, X+ is proud to be part of the Mainstage Incubator launchpad for international start-ups for gaining access to new markets, in this specific case, to new countries in Asia.

Mainstage Incubator will further support and help local  Workshops, Events, Fundraising opportunities, Sales-as-a-Service to enlarge X+ ecosystem, and all other formalities to ensure that X+ has a successful “Scale-Up” operation in place. 

This partnership is an important step for our ecosystem strategy and our goal to reach a global platform.

For more information about Mainstage Incubator visit:

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