Hardware Producers

Devices that will disrupt the way people experience digital content

Xperince Plus: Hadware producers

We are looking for device producers that collect and stream stimuli.

From smell emitters to haptic suits, we want to work with devices that will disrupt the Internet of Senses.

X+ proposes collaborations to device producers to shift the availabilty of immersive experiences in our ecosystem.

Being part of our open ecosystem, Internet of Senses Aliance, will lead to multiple synergies and win-win situations to all stakeholders, especially device producers.

We are hardware agnostic and are looking to build a full-immersive platform, so as part of the ecosystem, we will connect you to other stakeholders to increase your profit from our collaboration

We will connect you to:​

Be part of the disruptive revolution and bring your devices to the cutting edge of the Internet of Senses

With us you can:

If you are a device producer