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Disrupting the cultural experiences

Xperience plus Museums

The outburst of COVID-19 across Europe has thrown our attention to the limitations in getting access to Cultural Experiences. It has forced the complete or partial closure of over 90% of museums and heritage sites worldwide, which threatens the survival of small galleries, museums, and tour guides with severe repercussions for their employees and beneficiaries.

COVID-19 has changed the way people will travel and visit places in the next months and possibly years.

Therefore, XperiencePlus is here to support the FUTURE of Cultural Experiences.

With our X+ app and framework, Culture-lovers from all over the world can now have access to a comprehensive, immersive, real-time experience from their sofa

Cultural institutions and guides can monetize their assets and time in a highly reliable and protected environment.

With X+, users from all around the globe can teleport themselves into your touristic attraction and experience a 5-senses real-time stream, as if they were physically at your premises.

X+ envision multiple applications in the cultural and art industry

Xperience plus Museum Streaming Experiences
  • Museum Experiences – Private Guides
  • VIP Experiences – having access to “closed” or “private areas”
  • Education – Workshops
  • Museum Life – VIP interviews with Artists – Conferences – New Collection Presentations
  • Artists and Guides – Private Meet&Greet

With us you can:

If you are a cultural lover and want to experience art with us

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