VR Facility

VR Facilities

Is your VR facility ready for the next big distruption in VR industry?

VR facilities and five senses

X+ proposes collaboration to VR facilities to shift experiences, customers and devices to integrate the Internet of Senses.

Being part of our open ecosystem, Internet of Senses Aliance,  will lead to multiple synergies and win-win situations to all stakeholders, especially VR facilities.

We are looking to build a global network of VR Facilities to cover all hubs where users will be able to experience the Internet of Senses.

As part of the ecosystem, we will connect you to other stakeholders to increase your profit from our collaboration:

Be part of the revolution and bring the Internet of Senses to your VR facility

With us you can:

If you are a VR facility interested in joining Internet of Senses Alliance