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Be wherever and whenever you want. Directly from your sofa

Xperience Plus is an Extended Reality Technology Enabler offering the first full real-time, interactive, on-demand and multi-stimuli experiences marketplace for Travel purposes.

X+ reimagines the future of the travel industry by enabling people to experience unlimited realities, limitless stimuli and borderless emotions. X+ allows users to direct personalized digital content to fulfill their own dreams or desires as Travelers. 

Xperience Plus Travels from your sofa

X+ wants to disrupt the traveling content leveraging Interaction and Immersion, creating opportunities for travel agencies, hotels, museums, cities and the global tourism ecosystem.

Xperience Plus Travels from your sofa

X+ connects in real-time users in need to design and direct their own experiences (Travelers) and hotels, airlines, agencies, cities, and museums who want to monetize their assets and time by delivering exclusive experiences. 

X+ wants be a key player in the Experience Economy and envisions multiple applications in the traveling industry, from Destination Experiences – Pre-Booking – Educational Research to Facilities – Hotels– Gyms – Restaurants – Museum’s discovery.

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