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X+ enables connection between Fans and Clubs in a new disruptive and immersive way

People can’t always have access to stadiums, and sports experiences, due to personal, physical, economical and time limitations (and in these days, lockdowns)

X+ wants to change the way fans are engaged with Clubs by leveraging Interaction and Immersion, creating opportunities for sport clubs and their ecosystems.

Xperience Plus fans and sport

We offer you the opportunity to:

X+ allows your Fans to experience not only Audio and Video but Full Stimuli Immersive and Exclusive Content

With us, sports will never be the same!
X+ envision multiple applications in the sports industry:

  • Game Experiences– Pre-Game – Game – Post-Game
  • Workout Experiences– Training – Special Sessions
  • Facilities – Stadium – Museum – Store
  • Club Life – VIP interviews – Conferences – Merchandising Presentation – Transferences
  • Players – Private Meet&Greet

If you work in a Sport Club willing to use our framework

If you are a Sports lover and you want to experience sportlife like never before

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