X+ and Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030

Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030
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X+ and Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030

10 September 2020, 4 mins read – Aleksandra Sadovnikova

This evening, 10th September 2020, Katrin Redmann held a SAP Next-Gen online meeting Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030″ that was dedicated to several startups and their involvement into SDGs.

SDG, or Sustainable Development Goals, are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

Innovation with purpose is considered a platform for common good, for people, mentioned Katrin.

Pedro Ferreira, the CMO of Xplus, has joined the meeting with his speech about different projects he works or worked with. He explained the relationship between the projects and SDG. Thus, the project “Women Who Inspired Rhein-Main” addresses the SGS 5 that states for Gender Equality. The functions of Founder Institute (FI) and Startup Guide, instead, lead to SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals which can bring good results through collaboration with other startups.

Xperience Plus, however, is designed to face SDGs 8 and 10 – Decent Work and Economic Growth and Reducing Inequality.

X+ wants to support the Passion and Experience Economy, and enable people to monetize their passions, skills, talents, physical location, etc“, said Pedro. “Millions of people were affected by COVID-19, or either lost their jobs, or got a cut on their salaries and number of working hours, and we believe Xplus could be a solution to support their lives.

Another covered point is the Reducing Inequality, because one of the X+ principles is elimination of inequalities between people when it comes to physical, physiological, or geographical issue, time and money.

When people are not able to pay for a real-life experience, X+ shows that the online experience has a cheaper price or that costs can be shared with a peer who wants the same. 

“If someone lost a stimulus, like mobility or hearing, we can allow the person to receive the same info directly into the brain  by working with future technology like BCI”

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